Breaking ground on our new headquarters

Nowa siedziba Brill AV Media

Breaking ground on our new headquarters

2019 will be a year of great changes for the Brill AV Media. We are constantly expanding our hardware offer and, as a result, we have just started the construction of our new headquarters with warehouse space exceeding 3,500m²!

Last year saw new employees joining our ranks, huge purchases of equipment, and an over 55% increase in revenue. With such a fast pace of development, we decided to build a new base with over three times more warehouse space than before. It will also include additional office space for services related to event technology, such as set design and animation.

Recent equipment purchases totalling over 1.5 million PLN include:

  • 150 new devices for the lighting department, including 60 Robe BMFL Spot and LedWash 600 Plus lights
  • Shure QLXD microphones, MIDAS M32 and A&H DLIVE S5000 consoles, POL-AUDIO LA41 speakers, and lectern microphones for the sound department.
  • And, for the multimedia department: more Christie Pandoras Box PK5 media servers, a Barco S3 Tri-combo video processor, Panasonic 12,000 ANSI laser projectors, 55-75″ monitors, Stumpfl large format screens, ROLAND V50HD multimedia mixers, Sony 4K video cameras, Panasonic PTZ cameras, and 200m of black aluminium Milos truss, with much more on the way.

Rapid development goes hand in hand with the large projects that we undertake. Our key project of last year, due to the importance of the event, was COP24 (UN Climate Summit) conference in Katowice. It was the third climate summit in Poland organized by MTP and the first one to be serviced from the AV side by a Polish supplier—Brill AV Media.
The UN Climate Summit in Katowice was a huge undertaking and involved many parties bringing together hundreds of people for its success, almost 30,000 participants and 500 volunteers. Conference participants had 8 conference zones at their disposal, including plenary rooms, press conference rooms, meeting rooms and several hundred other rooms, including offices, computer centres, and work and relaxation facilities. Nearly 2,000 people worked on the construction and arrangement of the conference spaces over 60 days, and the project was nominated for 2019’s edition of the MP Power Awards.

We also keep up with the times by engaging in projects related to the Internet market such as GonKon, the first event related to YouTube in Poland, the E-sport Academic Championships of Poland (e-amps), Ninja’s Night Shift, or Future Port Prague, the first visionary international festival where the most modern AV technologies from around the world were presented. We are also proud of our work for Flesh Fashion Night 2018: The Art of the Industry based on Mea Group’s creative concept which has won international awards including the German Design Award 2019 in the category of “Events: Excellence in Communication Design”.