Audio-visual installations

From design, through implementation to equipment maitenance and rental services.

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Everything starts from a design, so by using specialized design documentation we can meet all the needs of a specific facility, depending on its business profile, available space, location, the needs of its customers and the requirements of the investor.

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Projection screens are an inseparable part of any data projector installation. The projection surface directs light from the projector to the spectator, enhancing image brightness and contrast to make the image better visible. Several types of modern projection screens are available. They differ in their supporting structure, with every type of projection screen being appropriate for different client’s requirements.

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Projectors can be divided by weight and mobility: ultralight, personal, mobile, and conference types. Another important parameter is the projector power evaluated in ANSI lumens. This determines the maximum amount of light emitted through the objective to the projection surface. Based on this, image size can be determined while preserving a sufficient quality.

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Flat panel displays are appropriate image content presentation tools for smaller audiences. They are available in sizes from 40” to 100” (diagonal 1 to 2.5 m), therefore they are installed mostly in small and medium sized conference rooms.

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Videoconferences are most frequently used for internal communication between remote locations of companies. However, they are also becoming preferred for communication with customers and partners in handling business issues, consultations or technical support. They also offer broad opportunities in education, for instance lectures from international universities can be followed.

Rozwiązania interaktywne - Brill AV Media

Enhance your offer thanks to non-standard solutions of interactive technology and you will certainly make your facility services look more attractive, offering your customers more opportunities and capturing their attention. We offer multiple solutions to help you achieve this goal, including interactive whiteboards, touch screens, and projections.

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Quality sound is important not only in presentation rooms, but also in hotel corridors, bars and other common areas. The entire equipment must be designed to ensure non-stop operation and offer intuitive user controls. By connecting the audio system to the central control system, the sound system can be easily tailored to the needs customers staying in the hotel or participating in an event.

Systemy sterowania - Brill AV Media

Control systems provide for an easy and intuitive control of installed AV equipment and other technologies within a room or building. A control system is the integration element not only for AV equipment, but also for a number of other technologies within a facility. It can control for instance lighting, blinds, heating, cooling, air conditioning, etc.

Systemy rezerwacji - Brill AV Media

Reservation systems are solutions for administration and reservations of meeting rooms. They provide occupancy visualization for individual rooms, thus facilitating the planning of meetings.

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Our projects are designed to create navigation and information systems that will help guests move around your facility, providing them with comprehensive information on events taking place there.

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Our offer also includes the designing and installation of complete cable infrastructure without which no system is able to function properly. We also provide electrical infrastructure for the deployed equipment and solutions. We will also help you modernise the existing connections and wiring.

Referencje instalacje AV - Brill AV Media

Selected references of audio-visual installations and technical services for events.