Control systems

No advanced installation can do without an appropriate control system. The control system is the heart of the entire installation enabling control of all projectors, screens, lifts, sound amplification, air conditioning and ventilation and lighting.

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Our offer includes the following control systems: AMX, Crestron, CUE, Extron and Kramer. Tablet-integrated control systems have recently gained wide popularity. This solution offers considerable flexibility to change the configuration of conference rooms. To make modifications, we no longer have to have direct access to specific controllers, we can manage all the systems wirelessly from any place in the room.

The control system can be freely developed, depending on the selection of controlling processors and their quantity. Each system has its dedicated software featuring: a choice of graphic designs with the customer’s logo, pre-programmed lighting configurations, sound zone management, projection management across the entire room, roller-blind, curtain, lift and screen controlling functions, and many others. Everything really depends on our customers’ imagination, requirements, and expectations. Thanks to our experience, we can help you choose appropriate functionalities, so we always ready to advise you on issues related to the programming and design of the entire system.