Infrastructure & service

Required equipment maintenance depends on user discipline, consistent ongoing care, and requirements for equipment reliability.

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The service agreement ensures preventive maintenance at regular intervals observed by us. It enables you to budget the cost of ownership in a quick and transparent way. Prevention of breakdowns, avoiding charges for emergency technician assistance, longer equipment life and a peace of mind of all the personnel responsible for service. In the event of breakdowns, we provide replacement equipment to enable you to hold scheduled events. If we are able to remove the failure, we repair the equipment within 24 hours.

At least once a year, we recommend performing a preventive inspection of the entire system by a specialized company. These preventive measures mainly aim to ensure:

  • Ongoing maintenance (cleaning, visual inspection, checking for loose components and connector operation)
  • Controlling the use of consumables:(e.g. lamps, air filters, etc.)
  • Adjusting and setting the video input from the projector, wireless microphones, interactive boards and connectors
  • Whole system testing

  • Test summary report and recommended repairs
  • Interviews with users are also conducted as part of preventive measures. The interviews are an opportunity to check how the equipment is operated and remind the users about the functions that they may have overlooked or are not able to use. This is often an opportunity to detect hidden defects that appear only occasionally.