Projection screens

Today, each conference hall should be equipped with an appropriate multimedia system, tailored to your needs and customer expectations. The minimum standard is defined by a ceiling recessed panoramic screen and a high-resolution projector offering appropriate brightness adjusted to the lighting conditions in the room.

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Sometimes it’s worth leaving beaten path and instead of deploying several smaller screens install a full-length panoramic screen that seamlessly combines the image from multiple projectors. In this way you can create unique projections of almost unlimited size. The solution allows you to put several independent windows on one screen (Picture in Picture) – images from several sources at the same time. This non-standard approach will help you stand out among your competitors and gain completive market advantage. Obviously, any such solution should be well designed and analysed. Thanks to our extensive experience in the market of servicing events and permanent installations, we are always able to help you make the right decisions and select appropriate solutions.