Reservation systems

Reservation systems are solutions for administration and reservations of meeting rooms. They provide occupancy visualization for individual rooms, thus facilitating the planning of meetings.

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A reservation system is an efficient assistant of any business operation possessing more that one meeting room. The system incudes a server (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar) and information displays at the doors of each room. The display shows information about the room including time and subject matter of the meeting and details of its coordinator.

The overall system works automatically and it can also be attended from outside the office when, for instance, traveling. Users possess a straightforward tool for reserving rooms before their meetings, with no knowledge of complex software required. They can only enter their meeting request in their calendar in MS Outlook, MS Office 365 or Google, enter the participants from a list and select the preferred meeting room. Upon posting, the meeting is saved in the reservation system in the coordinator’s calendar, as well as in those of participants. The reservation system subsequently indicates the information on room displays. Any user can immediately see the room status and its occupancy.