Sound systems

A well-suited sound system will help you create an unforgettable, pleasant atmosphere for your clients. Aptly selected music is a discrete but important way to make a walk from a hotel room to a meeting place an enjoyable experience for your guests.

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In addition to the appropriate selection of music, equally important is the appearance and quality of loudspeakers. The entire equipment must be designed to ensure non-stop operation and offer intuitive user controls. By connecting the audio system to the central control system, the sound system can be easily tailored to the needs customers staying in the hotel or participating in an event.

Apart from providing a sound system for the entire hotel, it is also essential to have a well-designed PA system in all conference rooms. The type of the system will depend on its purpose and dimensions of the room. Our offer includes a full range of services and PA equipment for handling all kinds of business meetings, entertainment events, and concerts. We provide a comprehensive installation of the system, integration with the control system and ensuring full servicing capacity. Professional event sound management requires expertise and first-class technical equipment. That’s why Brill AV Media offers you both leading-edge equipment in the field of loudspeaker technology and highly skilled professionals. We are able to provide all the necessary system components, including: digital audio processors, loudspeakers, audio consoles, equalizers, amplifiers, microphones, and many others.


  • Conference sound systems
  • Concert sound systems
  • Professional mixers, amplifiers, audio processors, and equalizers
  • Wired and wireless handheld, lapel and headset microphones
  • Teleconferencing systems