Conference solutions

During many meetings, it is necessary to use special equipment facilitating lecture delivery and enabling the audience to focus on the speaker. Thanks to our conference solutions, the speaker can control the timing of the presentation and manage it by means of a wireless remote control.

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Teleprompters are used to display prepared content, allowing the presenter to focus all attention on the audience. The person reading the text from the teleprompter can look ahead, which gives the illusion of natural speech from memory. A teleprompter glass can be mounted at a height of 2 meters.


Professional Interspace Industries presentation remote controls: MasterCue V4 and V5 and MicroCue 2 are characterized by a long range and resistance to interference. The devices enable showing presentations in several languages simultaneously. MasterCue can be connected to four computers, while MicroCue to two.


The device has an easy-to-use interactive panel that facilitates comfortable control of digital materials without losing contact with the audience. A dedicated pen allows you to handle different applications or write in digital ink on web pages, films, PowerPoint slides, and other MS Office applications.


This device facilitates running conferences with multiple speakers. Using a timer, you can precisely control the time of each speech, preventing speeches from going overtime.