Lighting systems

We offer a full range of lighting services and equipment for handling all kinds of business and entertainment meetings. A carefully selected lighting system will add unique flavour to new product launches, evening galas, anniversaries, presentations, and concerts.

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Appropriate stage lighting is very important during conferences and congresses. For such events, we use conventional incandescent lamps, additionally enhanced by effect lighting. Discrete static lighting will help focus the audience’s attention on the speakers, while intelligent LED modules will fill the conference room with a wide range of colours and effects.
When lighting concerts, we must take into account specific requirements of each band’s rider. That’s why, apart from incandescent light, we provide a wide range of moving heads, smoke machines and other lights, such as strobes.


  • Conference and concert lighting
  • Equipment from leading manufacturers, meeting the rider requirements of Polish and foreign artists
  • Lighting consoles
  • Moving heads
  • LED and conventional lighting
  • Smoke generators, strobes, gobo projectors and other


Similarly to sound systems, we use top equipment from world’s leading vendors such as MA Lighting, Robe, Milos, ARRI, Prolyte, Robert Juliat and others. We have more than 200 moving heads and access to equipment bases of all oneAVteam members.