Today, technological development of visual systems makes it possible to enrich and enhance each organized event. Well-designed and well-chosen technical solutions will ensure an appropriate setting for events such as conferences, concerts, fashion shows, and new product launches. Brill AV Media provides professional AV equipment services with respect to installation and technical assistance during events as well as professional advice on an optimal use of proposed solutions. Our creative managers will offer you advice at every stage of project development recommending appropriate technologies.

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In choosing the right projector, several important factors need to be taken into account that determine the projector’s capacity, the number of participants in the room and the lighting conditions. A data projector should be selected mainly according to its purpose.

  • We offer a wide range of projectors from 2000 to 20 000 ANSI lumen Full HD and 4K
  • Projectors of renowned vendors such as Barco, Panasonic, Christie Digital, Epson and Mitsubishi
  • More than 70 our own projectors (20 Full HD) and access to equipment bases of oneAVteam
  • Interchangeable projector lenses


During each event, participants should have a clear view of the projection screen. When selecting your screen, you need to pay attention to several fundamental issues, such as the size of the presentation room, the audience size, and the distance between the screen and the projector.

  • Screens for front and rear projection
  • Large selection of projection formats
  • Mobile, easy-to-install drop-down screens
  • Large format frame screens
  • Metal-coated screens for 3D projection


Brill AV Media is constantly up to date with the latest trends in event technology, looking for new and original solutions to create more interesting and compelling designs. That’s why we have added 3D technology and edgeblending solutions to our offer.


Plasma and LCD screens are ideal for bright rooms, smaller conference rooms and events where some participants have limited visibility of the big screen. Screens can be mounted horizontally or vertically, set on stands, rigged on aluminium structures, or used for preview by the speaker. Screens have optional mounted speakers and aesthetic stands.

  • Seamless video wall – perfect solution for various forms of events: conferences, evening galas, and fairs. The wall is made of frameless screens. The distance between the panels is only a few millimetres, so it is practically imperceptible. The monitors do not have to be arrayed in a traditional rectangular configuration, and may form structures of any shape. Seamless video walls can be ideally built-in and may constitute a visual design element on their own
  • Interactive technologies – facilitating interaction with each participant significantly increases the attractiveness of an event and makes it memorable for a long time, helping promote a specific product or brand. We offer different solutions such as: floor, wall and screen projections and interactive plasma touch screens


Screens based on LED technology are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to high brightness, they can be used even in daylight. LED walls are built with modules of different size and different numbers of pixels. The smaller the distance between LEDs, the clearer the picture.

  • High brightness, even in daylight
  • Modularity – the panels can be arranged in columns, blocks, or individually
  • Perfect solution for stage design, capable of filling in any background and making the room decor more attractive
  • Presenter/speaker is not blinded by the projector and can see the audience
  • LED screens are cost-effective while reducing power consumption and heat
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • Easy to install


Nowadays, no large event can do without professional visual services. During an event it is often necessary to handle signal from multiple sources that must be switched smoothly and seamlessly. Adequate equipment and staff ensure comfort and add professional quality.

We offer versatile and powerful video/image processors designed to work with all types of image carriers, such as plasma and LED screens, seamless screens, multimedia projectors, LED curtains, and many others.

We offer also switchers which allow switching between different signal sources: laptop, DVD, camera, Blu-ray and many others.

Christie® Pandoras Box Server system (Coolux) offers the best high performance link between visual displays and digital image compositing. It is a turnkey solution that perfectly unites state of the art rendering technology with intuitive media and show control. Key features:

  • Tracking*
  • 3D Proejction
  • 360 Projection
  • Warping
  • 3D Mapping
  • Blending
  • Touchless interaction (AirScan**)
  • Real-time masking and sketching
  • Sphere projection
  • 32 audio channels
  • Up to 16 Full HD outputs

* Tracking – Pandoras Box ID Tags make real-time tracking scenarios not only easier to set up, but also more reliable, more versatile, and more cost-effective. Each of the tags can be addressed with a unique ID, which opens up the possibility of up to 256 different unique IDs being tracked in real-time within a single setup. The coin sized ID Tags can be easily attached to set pieces,
costumes or any other part of a tracking setup.
** AirScan – touch-less hardware interface that is available as an optional input device for Widget Designer and can be used for any touch-less interactions with a display or a projected touch surface. It is based on a rotation IR Laser field that allows to read two point multi-touch input gestures and use them for various applications within Widget Designer.


Cameras have now become an indispensable element of most events. You can’t imagine a fashion show, a large congress, a sports event or a cultural event without them. We have cameras and video mixers necessary to carry out live transmission on HD-quality screens.

  • Live transmission from camera to screens
  • Recording and editing materials
  • Online streaming
  • Intercom communication