Online Events

As a company specialising in providing comprehensive audiovisual services during events, we meet the current customer needs and are capable of conducting virtual events.
We are able to comprehensively conduct any type of online event:

Conferences, galas, webinars, concerts, cultural events, product presentations, company meetings.

We have a successful track record encompassing dozens of events, hundreds of speakers and countless numbers of satisfied participants.
We implement, record and broadcast events from the place chosen by the customer, it can be one of our studios, any other space or open air.

WE HAVE AN ONLINE PLATFORM to embed the broadcast with all the necessary functionalities. Thanks to it, each participant of the event has the opportunity to actively participate in the event live from home. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone, there is no need to install any applications.

Live broadcasting
  • Streaming on platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, Mixer
  • Broadcasting on a dedicated platform for handling the event
  • Possibility to broadcast with the customer’s branding
  • Unlimited number of recipients
Multimedia and scenography
  • We offer a full range of lighting devices, including TV lighting
  • Broadcast cameras
  • Video switchers
  • Top quality audio equipment
  • Professional microphones
  • We can provide the stage, lecterns, horizons, as well as other scenographic elements at the customer request
Additional benefits
  • We can provide a technical rider that will help you prepare your online event properly
  • We have an experienced team of specialists and technicians
  • We provide simultaneous translations and translation services
  • We provide technical support before, during and after the event

We believe that interpersonal contacts and the atmosphere of joint participation in events are something that cannot be replaced. However, today’s technology gives us great opportunities to organise virtual events that are visually and substantively attractive and the participants they can take an active part in them.

What event can you organise online?

We can organise virtually any event – conferences, congresses, galas, webinars, concerts, trainings, workshops, lectures, product presentations, fairs.

Where can an online event be organised?

Anywhere – it can be organised at home, in an office, conference room or outdoors. We broadcast from any place selected by the customer.
If you want your event to be of the highest quality, we suggest using one of our recording studios in Warsaw, or we can build a studio in the location indicated by the organiser.

For how many participants can I organise an online event?

We can organise a small event for a dozen or so people with one leader, or a large conference for thousands of people with panelists and a moderator. All these people can be located in different places around the world, all you need is a computer, mobile phone or tablet with Internet access.

What is a dedicated platform for handling the event?

It helps organise all aspects of a virtual event. It introduces participants to the world of live broadcasting. Participants receive full information about live broadcasts, agenda, 1:1 chats, documents, presentations. Participants ask, answer, play, see their activity.
It enables 1:1 chats during the event.
The application works in a web browser. It does not require downloading or installing. It is available on the phone, tablet, laptop, TV.

What transmission quality can I expect?

The outgoing quality depends on your hardware and speed of the Internet connection at your location.

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