AV System Upgrade at Warsaw Hilton Hotel

AV installations

The project began at the end of December 2013. Brill AV Media designed a new electrical wiring system and installed new software for the CUE control system. The project included the replacement of three old projectors with new ones, each with an output of 7500 ANSI lumens, supporting resolutions up to Full HD. New projector lifts were also installed. Each room with a new projector was fitted with video scalers and matrices to enable projection scaling to fit the screen and, e.g., display images from one source on all screens. In the same rooms, new connectors were installed under each screen to enable linking up the computer to a digital or analogue input from a camera or other video source.
Under the contract, the entire electrical system for projectors, lifts, scalers, and controls was designed and replaced. Brill AV Media designed and installed new software for the CUE control system to enable easier and more intuitive operation of controls of the entire AV system in the Warsaw Hall room. The modernisation was based on Gefen’s products.
“We are one of the leading conference centres in Warsaw, offering the largest space available today – so it is essential for us to remain the market leader, and continue to provide top quality conference services and AV equipment. Since the opening of the Hilton Hotel, we have been using Brill AV Media services and we value this cooperation very much. Brill AV Media offers cutting-edge technology and a professional team of AV specialists who pay attention to even the smallest details and build excellent customer relations. We are delighted to offer our customers the latest solutions – we’d like to thank Brill AV Media for their assistance and support, which, once again, enabled us to become the leader on the conference services market in Warsaw. – Erwin Verhoog, General Director, Hilton Warsaw Hotel & Convention Centre.