Polish Academy of Sciences Marcel Nencki Experimental Biology Institut

AV installations

The setup included the delivery and implementation of the audio-visual system for a multimedia conference room at the M. Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw.
As part of the project, we installed a multimedia projection system of three projectors, an 8x2m panoramic screen and a Watchout image management system by the Swedish company Dataton. Also, we provided four 55-inch LED screens, Smart Podium SP518 interactive pen display for presentation management, a high-speed digital camera, a video recorder, and a Blu-Ray player.
We also installed a complete audio system based on a BSS processor and a ceiling sound system, wireless hand, flap, and gooseneck microphones.
All the devices were controlled by the AMX solution which can be managed via dedicated touch panels and iPads. The system controls: projection and the Watchout system, Smart Podium, Blu-Ray, speed dome camera and recorder, sound system, electric blinds, and DALI lighting.