Technical services for events

From brief, through design to production and professional service.


Today, technological development of visual systems makes it possible to enrich and enhance each organized event. Well-designed and well-chosen technical solutions will ensure an appropriate setting for events such as conferences, concerts, fashion shows, and new product launches. Brill AV Media provides professional AV equipment services with respect to installation and technical assistance during events as well as professional advice on an optimal use of proposed solutions. Our creative managers will offer you advice at every stage of project development recommending appropriate technologies.


We offer a full range of lighting services and equipment for handling all kinds of business and entertainment meetings. Brill AV Media provides event support for both exterior and interior conference, concert, and architectural lighting applications. A carefully selected lighting system will add unique flavour to new product launches, evening galas, anniversaries, presentations, and concerts.


Brill AV Media provides comprehensive event support with respect to conference and concert sound systems. Professional event sound management requires expertise and first-class technical equipment. That’s why Brill AV Media offers you both leading-edge equipment in the field of loudspeaker technology and highly skilled professionals.


During many meetings, it is necessary to use special equipment facilitating lecture delivery and enabling the audience to focus on the speaker. Thanks to our conference solutions, the speaker can control the timing of the presentation and manage it by means of a wireless remote control.


We offer comprehensive services for all kinds of events, providing all the equipment used for simultaneous translations and interpreting services. We offer interpretation booths that meet the European Commission quality standards, modern equipment for digital conference management, receivers and portable translation systems. Our equipment is regularly used during government, European Commission, NGO, and business meetings.


To handle different types of voting, we use a TurningPoint audience response system. The system gives you an opportunity to conduct an interactive session between the participants and the speaker. In this way communication not only goes in one direction – from the presenter to the participants – but also the other way round.


We provide technical support consist of professional sound, lighting, multimedia but also stage elements, such as: stage platforms and roofs, truss systems, exhibition constructions, screen constructions and many other products.


We build our cooperation with hotels based on partnership established in all our contacts with the hotel staff, respecting the principles applicable to prestigious facilities. Our goal is not only to deliver equipment, but also to offer comprehensive support starting from the phases of planning and offer development, through implementation to customer satisfaction evaluation and building positive long-term relationships with our business partners.


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