Multimedia utility space

Attracting a customer’s attention and making them interested in our offer requires us to seek new technological solutions and use interesting, advanced sales forms. A present-day customer is used to having information available within reach. Technology makes it possible in an easy and friendly manner.

Currently, the manner of presenting content and offer is of large importance. Monitors or huge multimedia walls catch the eye and touch screens keep the recipient for longer. In addition to aesthetic value, the modern content displays have a range of practical functions, which will provide automatic switching on in combination with motion sensors or identification of the recipient in respect to age or sex and adjusting the displayed content to them in combination with CCTV cameras. This can all be synchronized and managed using a single program. An experienced integrator will ensure a comprehensive implementation of solutions from the beginning to the end, take care of the structural network, all peripherals, network switches and screen installation and integration.

First of all, every project should start with an analysis of customer’s needs and assessment of spatial conditions on site, which will allow to chose and customize the best audiovisual solutions.

This is a task for experts who will select the screens, sound system and other elements of the AV infrastructure to create a coherent message which will be in accordance with the company’s identification, as well as meet the customer’s needs. However, the equipment is not everything. Our specialists will help to arrange the space in such a way as to best exhibit the content presented using the equipment and make it maximally visible.

The technology should help find what the recipients look for and encourage them to learn the full offer of the company. It should be a kind of navigation over what the company has to offer. In accordance with the current trends, efforts are made to maximally satisfy both sides – along the so called win-win principle. The customer receives detailed, graphically presented information on products and services and the company gains another customer communication channel and can stand out from the competitors.

An example of Digital Showroom experience is the Skoda Motorpol showroom in Wrocław. The advanced multimedia technologies used in it allow the visitors to the showroom to make a more informed and precise selection of car configuration. With assistance from a showroom employee, the customer may use an iPad to wirelessly transmit the visualization of the selected car to the video wall composed of nine (3 × 3) 46” bezel-less monitors. Thanks to the large size of the video wall, the configured car is presented in nearly 1:1 scale.

Touch screen displays on dedicated designer stands have been placed next to every car – they allow the customer to configure the basics of the car, such as color or rim, and learn the information on the presented model.

The visit may be completed with watching graphics and contents on automotive subjects, displayed on a touch screen table, while having a cup of coffee. Adopting the state-of-the art audiovisual technology, Skoda allows its customers to have a first virtual meeting with the selected car.